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b.1980, UK. Multidisciplinary 2D artist, originally trained in theatre design. 

My work is continually evolving though it is grounded in a love of drawing.

I am influenced by the explorative practices of artists such as Mira Schendel and Mondrian - seeing the art in the process of creation as well as the final object. When I am working on a series, I keep a theme or a word in my head but allow myself the freedom to follow a new technique or idea as it arrives.

Curious about the effects of time on surfaces, I seek to explore the ephemeral or over-looked parts of our environment. Part of my process is documenting worn, over-grown, or broken surfaces; recording the progression of decay and disintegration.

I am interested in memory for the same reasons: how our experiences are stored in in our minds and how time can decay or erode memory and memory disintegrate time.

I have exhibited extensively throughout the UK. I have work in private collections in the UK, US and Europe.>